The 2018 Miss YCHS Pageant

Freshman Division

3rd Runner Up – Mikenna Smith

2nd Runner Up – Skyler Scott

1st Runner Up – Sarah Beth Patterson

Miss Spirit of YCHS – Sarah Beth Patterson

2018 Miss Freshman – Genevieve Harrington

Junior Division

3rd Runner Up – McKenzie Applegate

2nd Runner Up – Grayson Duncan

1st Runner Up – Tori Smith

Miss Spirit of YCHS – Tori Smith

2018 Miss Junior – Kathryn Pike

Sophomore Division

3rd Runner Up – Ajani Mobley

2nd Runner Up – Carleigh Jackson

1st Runner Up – Samantha Parker

Miss Spirit of YCHS – Carleigh Jackson

2018 Miss Sophomore – Kelsey Bolin

Senior Division

3rd Runner Up – Holley Mitchell

2nd Runner Up – Kennedy Lane

1st Runner Up – Khari Oglesby

Miss Spirit of YCCHS – Holley Mitchell

2018 Miss Senior – Andrea Phelps

YCHS Division

3rd Runner Up – Keyurshia Johnson

2nd Runner Up – Caroline Nelms

1st Runner Up – Jamya Brice

Miss Spirit of YCHS – Megan Whisonant

2018 Miss YCHS – Mary Kimball Osborn  

Mary Kimball Osborn

Miss YCHS 2018