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The 2016 Miss YCHS Pageant

Freshman Division: 

Miss Freshman - Grayson Duncan

Miss Freshman - "Spirit of YCHS" Josie Cribb
1st Runner Up - Shelby Brakefield

Sophomore Division:

Miss Sophomore - Payton Greer

Miss Sophomore "Spirit of YCHS" - Megan Whisonant

1st Runner Up - Andrea Phelps

Junior Division:

Miss Junior - Lia Yang

Miss Junior "Spirit of YCHS" - Skylar Gheen

1st Runner Up - Riley Burroughs

Senior & Miss YCHS Divisions:

Miss Senior - Amber Ramsey

Miss Senior "Spirit of YCHS" - Amber Ramsey
1st Runner Up - Mackenzie Wells

Miss YCHS - Kierra Steele
1st Runner Up - Taylor Gray

Kierra Steele

Miss YCHS 2016

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