The 2017 Miss YCHS Pageant

Freshmen Division:
Miss Freshmen – Carleigh Jackson

Miss Spirit of YCHS – Kelsey Duncan

1st Runner-Up – Jessie McCalister

2nd Runner-Up – Kelsey Bolin

Junior Division:

Miss Junior – Mary Kimball Osborn

Miss Spirit of YCHS – Megan Whisonant

1st Runner-Up – Megan Whisonant
2nd Runner-Up – Andrea Phelps

Sophomore Division:

Miss Sophomore – Kathryn Pike

Miss Spirit of YCHS – Shelby Brakefield

1st Runner-Up – Estefania Amezcua
2nd Runner-Up – Grayson Duncan

Senior Division:

Miss Senior – Kali Smith

Miss Spirit of YCHS – Jessa Morgan
1st Runner-Up – Jessa Morgan

Miss YCHS Division:

Miss YCHS – Kenley Parker

Miss Spirit of YCHS – Lia Yang

1st Runner-Up – Taylor Moss
2nd Runner-Up – Riley Burroughs

Kenley Parker

Miss YCHS 2017